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Let me tell you the story of the most intriguing and beautiful piece of garment I own, The Ostrich Feather Skirt. I am simply in love with it.
So… It was not earlier than this autumn, when arriving in Munich and opened my luggage, I realised I had hypnotically packed this black, fluffy feather skirt, which I usually don’t wear. Maybe it’s because I think of it as a design object, more than just a skirt and  I always find myself facing the dilemma of how to wear it, to not understate it.
It’s one of those things you mix with other eccentric items for the eclectic-cool look.
So here I am, having a real problem. (I sometimes get puzzled when it comes so many nice and strongly designed pieces)
But inspiration came quickly, because it was packed near this breath taking, classic – punk R13 leather pants.
Who would have ever thought feather skirts go so well with leather pants?
Especially when you add an extra touch of class with the Patrizia Pepe Jacket, the Sandro oxford shoes and the M2Malletier bag.
Did I forget something? Oh yes, the amazing Sensi Studio hat.
That hat…You can easily go as a sexy detective wearing that hat.
Final result: Mysterious, sexy, eclectic 😉
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photo 4 photo 20 photo 3 photo 5 photo 8 photo 12 photo 16 photo 10 photo 18 photo 1 photo 13 photo 26Was wearing :
Dress – Michael Kors
Jacket – Patrizia Pepe (similar)
Pants – R13
Shoes – Sandro Paris
Bag – M2Malletier
Hat – Sensi Studio
Bracelet- Hermes


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