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photo 14 Visiting the Big Apple during winter might not sound like the best idea, considering the wind, snow and very, very cold weather. But the sights and that metropolitan vibe are amazing, even if your nose is freezing and you need to put on an extra sweater. You enjoy it no matter what.
Nevertheless, always use the stylish winter surviving kit. That means taking great care on what garments to pick to not feel cold, in style.
So I put together this short guide list on how to face the New York cold and still look chic:
Item no. 1 – the most important piece, that helps me feel warm and comfy, the piece without which I would have literally frozen, the Mongolian Lamb Vest I carefully designed by The Flavour Atelier . I’m not very fond of furs, in general, but I must say, this vest did a very good job.
Item no.2 – slim fit Acne jeans, the shape flattering piece for balancing the oversized fur vest.
Item no. 3 – also very useful for the unfriendly weather, the Isabel Marant leather concealed wedge boots, a classic soon-to-be and a musthave item for the cold season.
Item no. 4 – the Tak-Ori beanie. Made in Italy by a russian designer, this beanie is warm and looks happy, so much like my state of mind.
I wear it along the Item no.5 – the Olimpia Le Tan bag, for completeing my happy-chic outfit.
That being said, your boots should start walking! …and walking …and walking!
Remember: If you can’t face the cold there, you can face it anywhere! Buts still look ravishing !
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Was wearing :
Vest – The Flavour Atelier 
Jeans – Acne
Boots – Isabel Marant 
Beannie/Hat- Tak-Ori
Bag – Olympia le Tan



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