Autumn change

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Hello my dear readers!
Today I’m revealing my new hair colour! I know I was kind of hiding it for a few days after I made it but I just wanted you to see it entirely  🙂
The idea came into my head spontaneously and in a couple of days my hair got a totally different look.
At the beginning it was kind of strange, I couldn’t understand if it fits me or not!
What’s good about the Ombre look, is that you can always change the style of your hair colour, it depends the way you arrange it in the morning!
If you tight it up, it will have just the color of your roots and if you put on a hat then it will have just the color of the ends!
Great way to combine your hair color with your clothes !
I hope you will like it and if don’t then I will be happy anyway 😀
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photo 3 Was wearing :
Skirt – Prada
Knitwear – Prada
Shoes – Topshop
Brooch – Eco Jewelry


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