When autumnal cold freezes your body, it awakens your soul warmth and you think about the summery sun.
Today I present a warmer OutFit, a beach fringed cape, a swimsuit (which you already seen in previous post) and Hermes scarf.
Ocean waves loud wisper, echoing in two hearts, in our hearts. It hides a world full of mystery, a world like ours but covered, unrevealded preserved under water.
Water,in its turn, is a symbol of continuity and life that nourishes many creatures of rare beauty. In mythology it is regarded as the essence of immortality and eternal youth.
A myth illustrating immortality is a story of  about the Greek hero Achilles,whom his mother, Thetis bathed in the waters of  Stix, as she wanted to give him immortality.
Autumn is the time of mystery, it’s an endless, brilliant, romantic novel we all enjoy so much!
Love, discover  its secret and be with your loved ones!
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Was wearing :
Swimsuit – Hermes
Silk Scarf – Hermes (similar)
Cape – Asos
Sunglasses – LV


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