Flowers & Bows

IMG_6614-as-Smart-Object-1 Beautiful fashion period, called Rococo, brought into spotlight ribbons,  that could be seen everywhere in clothes, either on dresses, shirts or skirts.
Nowadays we are unable to wear voluminous dresses, as they are no longer in vogue, but some elements that were formerly considered a must-have can still be used in everyday outfits.
It’s the case of  ribbons that are easily created and then assorted into various elegant and playful shapes.
In today outfit ribbon presents accent of the attire, I created a contrast of black and white. but coat complements the outfit perfectly  and is a splash of color, just what this mix needs.
As you know, the white shirt is the official symbol of simplicity, this dress element represents an inexhaustible source of ideas and combinations.
Indeed, there are designers, such as the Frenchwoman Anne Fontaine, who have made a career out of collections based solely on reinventing white shirt, season after season.
So, do not be afraid to get yourself free and to release your inner child.
IMG_6713-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_6635-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_6710-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_6620-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_6723-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_6660-as-Smart-Object-1 Was wearing :
Shirt – Mother of Pearl 
Skirt – Victoria Beckham
Shoes – Givenchy 
Headband  – Pierawithlove


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