Extras of lace


Hey everyone! Do you enjoy the white beauty outside your homes? I really don’t remember when I last saw such a beautiful winter in our country!
It looks like a picture from an old book with winter stories…and I simply adore it ! I hope it will remain like this for a few more days and I’m praying that Mother Nature will refresh the ”everything” with some brand new snowflakes as soon as possible !
Even if it was a little bit freezing outside I choose my favorite short leather skirt. I didn’t quite feel the cold because this coat really kept me warm! High socks are one of my new obsessions and I would like to wear them as often as I could. The socks are perfect for mixing them with different pieces of clothing, like shorts, skirts, or just wearing them above the skinny jeans with boots or flats as you can see in today’s post 😉

photo 2-1


photo 3-1

photo 7

photo 4


photo 6


photo 8 I was wearing :
Zara Coat
Benetton Shirt
Asos Sweater
Asos Leather Skirt
H&M High Socks
Dr. Martens Lace up Shoes


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