filled with red accent

I never thought I will get to wear this hat, when I bought it I was so in love with it that I got lost in styling it with my stuff from the closet.
I probably bought it around 3 or 4 years ago, so only now I got to wear it :)))) ( I still have a bunch of things that are in the same situation) :)))))))
But at the end, I just think it looks much better on blonde hair.
Also this year as cowboy and western style is very trendy, I think I will get to mix it with many more.
When I was around 11-12 years old my mom was wearing also with the latest trends, and I remember , me and my friend got to wear cowboy shoes and matching with different items from our wardrobe,
and my class colleagues were looking at us very skeptical :)))) But we never cared, we were always enjoying the new trends :)))))
Who would knew this will come back in nowadays and it will be so cool at the same time.
I love new trends but sometimes they are changing soooo fast!
Anyways, it’s not about the trends, it’s about details and a bit of imagination.

Was wearing :
Hat – Juan Vidal
Top – Theory
Jacket – Hermes
Jeans – Levi’s
Sunglasses – No name


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