img_2936 Hey everybody!!!
Hope you all been great all this time! 
Gosh I didn’t post from Spring, I know, shame on me, but so much happened since then, oaaah 😀
Those of you, dears, who are following me on  Instagram  and Facebook Page , seen it all and everything !
Will make a post with more details on what happened next time!
“We are excited to announce that our family will be growing by two feet in February”
I am so thrilled and so worried at the same time! Can’t even express what I feel !!!
When I found out that I was pregnant, I could barely close my eyes at night, not to mention my brain,  so many thoughts, ideas, wishes!
I just wanted the first 3 monthes, the dangerous and tricky ones to pass and now I can announce firmly : WE ARE PREGNANT 😀
Don’t know yet the baby’s gender, but I am so curious, what might be, but for sure it has to be HEALTHY as everybody says :))))
Hope you will like the new POST and soon will need to share pregnancy clothing, as I can’t really imagine how I will mix and match them, as half of my clothing are getting small already 🙁 🙂

For more pics and updates don’t hesitate to check out :  Instagram Facebook Page !
img_2915 img_2925 img_2919 baby
Was wearing :
Top – Alexander Wang
Sweater – Markus Lupfer “Los Angeles”
Skirt – Alexander Wang
Sneakers – Hermes


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