Inocent Colours


 On that afternoon weather was pleasant and quiet, I decided to pick up an outfit that mached with the same atmosphere.The organza skirt is very comfortable for daily walks and the cashmere cardingan makes you feel so soft. Actually I am not really into accesories, but these bracelets you see, I made them on my own! You get so much pleasure to carry them in the end, when you know they were made by yourself!  New York gives you a great opportunity to get your things hand made for example fabrics, accessories, natural stones and many,  many other things for DIY (Do it yourself).

What do you think about these bracelets and outfit ?

I was wearing :

J Crew Cashmere Cardigan

Dolce  & Gabbana   Skirt

Louis Vuitton Bow Pumps

Natural Stone Bracelets made by me

Wish you a great beginnig of  the weekend !


  1. Dana Danalachi, after 7 mins

    “You get so much pleasure to carry them in the end, when you know they were made by yourself!” So, so true!!! :)) love the outfit!

  2. culevdaniela, after 8 mins

    Thank you Danuta ! :*

  3. Stella, after 16 mins

    Nice outfit.
    You look so beautiful and natural 🙂

  4. culevdaniela, after 17 mins

    Thank you Stella 🙂

  5. Alina, after 44 mins

    Very nice! Shoes are just amazing ♥

  6. culevdaniela, after 45 mins

    Thank you so much :*

  7. Tina, after 4 hours

    I liked you before subscribing to your blog. So i can say but congrats for your eclectic style. the organza skirt reminds me the flowers 🙂

  8. Doina Gangur, after 2 days

    You look very fresh and natural. I love your skirt, but most of all your bracelets,..amazing !!!

  9. culevdaniela, after 3 days

    Thank you so much Doina! :*

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