Into my blue hair

Recently I tried a lot of stuff with my hair, and I totally was going crazy :)))
I don’t know from where this courage came out but I let it be free, until my hair can resist it :)))
Being blonde was a desire which I wanted it beyond limits, but doing other things with it, came instantly every time I was visiting my hair stylist 🙂
So the last experiment I did, was the blue hair which already changed to a turquoise 😀
Of course when I bought the blue Colovista Washout Dye, I was thinking it will washout instantly after 2 or 3 washes, but nothing almost happened, just became a lighter blue :))
Anyway, what it’s done it’s done, and I love it the way it is!
Hope you like it too!
Now back to cowboys boots and all this western style, everything comes back in fashion as it was around 12-13 years ago, and it will always come back, just in a better and modern way.


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