Italian Riviera Part II & Milan


Summer will leave us soon, and I’m still not enough tired of the summer Looks..
I probably feel it every summer though..
I’m into work so much that I barely have time to style all the stuff I get. But in the same time it’s not that bad, cause while traveling around I get inspired by the many places I see, so I imagine in my mind the combinations I could create, it comes out naturally. The Look itself is a creative result consisted of a moment in which You are being in some place and a in certain period of time.The pictures from today’s post were taken in 3 different locations: Santa Margherita Ligure, Milan and Courmayeur (a small town and comune in northern Italy, in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley (Italy). It is located at the foot of Mont Blanc and shares the access to the famous glacial ski run of the Vallee Blanche with another French town, Chamonix, which sits at the other side of the peak known as the Aiguille du Midi. It’s an amazing little mountain town where you can enjoy the watery sounds from the waterfalls around the territory. The birds have a lovely way of making your morning more beautiful by singing right near to the hotel balcony!
We fell in love with this place a couple of years ago while we were passing Switzerland towards Italy.
From France to Italy you have to pass the Mont Blanc tunnel which is almost 12 km, but it’s very safe and secured! What’s great about it is that right before entering the tunnel you can see the marvelous sight of Mont Blanc Mountain and its glacier!
Wooah, we never get tired of this view!
Next time I’ll post a video from there!

IMG_2727 IMG_2661 IMG_2763 IMG_2693 IMG_2644
IMG_2634 IMG_2593

IMG_2658 IMG_2769


I’ve seen this place in Milan some time ago , very unusual from the rest of the city. In summer and not only, every time I pass this building I see it covered by green plants which make it look so mysterious and magic! 
About my look, I hope you kinda noticed, I ADORE silk scarfs, I try to mix them as in many outfits as I can, so I could wear them almost every day :)))
This time as a belt and a little bowtie on my neck!
It’s really fun and easy to use them!
The rest of the items on me are just some regular easy going pieces, which can be worn greatly during traveling!
IMG_2607 IMG_2570 IMG_2596
Was wearing :
Dress – Alice & Olivia (similar) Swimsuit – Hermes
Shirt – Valentino
Shorts – Topshop
Sandals – J Crew
Hat – Hermes
Silk Scarfs – Hermes
Sunglasses – Rayban, Fendi , Woodsun



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