Keukenhof Garden – The Heaven of Flowers

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The Keukenhof Garden is a magical place full of color!  I am still impressed that I’ve seen all those lovely flowers. Every flower was so unique!
We decided to visit the Keukenhof  Garden during our stay in Holland! It was simply extraordinary !
I could barely stop saying to myself : “How is this possible, why is everything so amazing and where I am now ” :)))
You will see everything through pictures, it’s a fairy tale !

A bit of introduction about the Keukenhof Garden : In the past 64 years, over 50 million visitors from every corner of the globe have discovered the delights of Keukenhof. No wonder Keukenhof is regarded as the world’s most beautiful spring garden!The park consists of over 32 hectares, where our gardiners carefully plant 7 million flowerbulbs every year. There are weekly changing flowershows and daily demonstrations about the art of flower arrangement. The useful tips you receive here can be used at home to create the most beautiful flower creations.So much inspiration and so many ideas and tips for when you get home. Discover the latest trends and find out what most appeals to you in our 7 amazing inspirational gardens. The creativity of our experts knows no bounds. Experience for yourself that everything is possible, also in your own garden, in your own style. All the wonderful works of art that are placed all around the park, do the flowers even more justice.

Keukenhof is world-famous, truly unique, and has for over 60 years provided a wonderful decor to the most beautiful photographs.

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