Le poncho

The poncho is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. They have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic times and are now considered typical South American garments. Nowadays poncho was introduced in vogue by several fashion houses and you can find them in different shapes, colors, ornaments and interpretations.
I love poncho because it is very warm, you can match it with different types of shoes and at last but not least, it looks very stylish.

By the way, Mexican poncho has two distinct styles:
•       The serape poncho – found in mached colors and with fringed bottoms, these are long shawls which look like fashioned blankets.
•       The falsa poncho – popular in tourist areas, these have a much slacker weave and are worn loosely over the shoulders.
In the 1960s the poncho has become a must-have item of clothing, hippie, were the ones who reinvented poncho and brought peace on earth.
It’s not so hard to look stylish and be dressed in comfortable clothes, take a look at trends that have already passed and rediscover them in a modern outfit.

IMG_7410 IMG_7459
IMG_7413 IMG_7457

Was wearing :
Poncho – MALENE BIRGER (similar)
Jeans – Current Elliot (similar)
Sneakers – Eytys
Bag – M2Malletier


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