Leaves on my ear…


I’m back guys!!! :)))
As I wrote on my Facebook page, I forgot my camera in New York
I know this is one of my biggest problems, I always forget something, somewhere :))

After a loooong trip around Europe and the U.S. , I came home full of energy and big hopes!
My mom and I came up with the idea to make a small clothing collection which will be soon introduced to you guys 😉 I’m so excited and can’t wait to produce it as soon as possible.
I also would like to apologize for the lack of posts on my blog in the previous weeks but I promise to make it up!
This Filigree Leaf ear cuff is one of my unusual accessory pieces…I recommend it for a birthday party or New Year’s Eve, just because it’s unusual :))
One year ago, short sweaters were so weird to me. I thought it’s vulgar and uncomfortable, but paying attention to some street style or even fashion icons, I convinced my self that it could be worn with a t-shirt underneath or even with a high waisted skirt, so if you get any short jumper or sweater be sure that it’s very wearable 😉
Thank you so much for being with me ! Hugssssss!!!

Was wearing :
Sweater – H&M
Skirt – H&M
High socks – DKNY
Boots – no name
Leaf Ear Cuff –find it here

Photos made by : Otalia Calugherean


  1. olea, after 7 mins

    love your style..keep it like this!! great job

  2. culevdaniela, after 12 mins

    Thank you so much :***

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