Lemony me

photo 1 Hey everyone!
I’m still in France but now on my way to Spain! Stay tuned for new updates from there! Today’s post was made in  Zurich. Lots of people crossing over and walking straight to a point with a cup of coffee because it’s all about business around. But I like it cause everybody is very chill over there.

I bet I was like a fresh breeze in autumn with this neon-lime dress by Valentino. I’m sure I made fun of their smart casual dress code with my cute bands. So as I stepped through the busy atmosphere I felt like the lemon ball in “The Three Ball Ice-cream” though with a printed jungle scarf around my neck. Hermes will forgive my insolence especially because of this cuddly but still classy Valentino Tango Flats.

I tried my luck with this dress in a sunny day but you can distinguish yourself at night by wearing a statement jewelry. Don’t hesitate to wear such colors, there is always time to be the one different!
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Was wearing :
Dress – Valentino
Shoes – Valentino
Bag – Fendi Mini 2jour 
Scarf – Hermes (similar)
Earrings – Dior


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