Love addicted

photo 1 Love…

When you love, they’re a lot of beautiful things that are born in the process. It is such a complexity of feelings, emotions, memories and gifts. Love bestows wings and makes you fly. It is an entire of two halves. You don’t know when and how the second half will find you. It comes and forms a whole.
”I believe in the fourth dimension, and in a fifth […]. This stems from the need to be reassured, to believe that one never loses everything and that there is something happening on the other side” – Marcel Haedrich ”Coco Chanel”, Belfond, Paris, 1987
Love is the contrast between colours, but White is the colour of the beautiful and eternal love. For a romantic night I chose to wear a light night dress that emphasizes the sensuality of a woman.
Don’t forget to love, it is a sweet feeling…

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