Magenta Poison

photo 1

In New York you can find a looot of this kind of places…and everything is between all those hiiigh buildings. They’re like a small part of heaven. You simply can not walk near them and not stop to have a look or even rest a little bit…It’s simply amazing to see this cute, little corners with small fountains and colorful plants!

My outfit was a good match to the NY weather, where in summer you can barely breathe and all the time you feel yourself like in a SAUNA :))))

It is good for your health to wear natural fabric through such a heat. I felt so free wearing this items, my skin was really comfortable with what was on it.
But the most important ! Try always  to choose  a detail of your outfit that will simply attract the attention of everyone! 😉

photo 3

photo 4 Was wearing :
Vest – Masimo Dutti
Skirt – Rag & Bone
Necklace – Diana Broussard


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