Magic Bern


This is the most efficient place on earth I think. Everything is so organised! And sparking clean. One must not forget the great natural beauty and one must admire the way the Swiss have maintained it all. But well, organisation and perfection is not everything. The scenery was magnificent, the cities were interesting and the schedule was hectic. We were up and down the mountains, through the valleys, passing from areas where they spoke German to places that were totally Italian and then it was as though we were in the French countryside. I had to keep reminding myself where we were. Every time we stopped for an activity, it was perfectly orchestrated.I will post today some fast pictures i took in Bern and Luzern…where my heart stopped for a while ! 
About Bernnot many cities have managed to retain their historic features quite as successfully as the Swiss capital of Bern. The Old Town has been entered in the list of Unesco Heritage Cities. Bern also boasts the longest sheltered shopping promenade in Europe and is where medieval pearls stand alongside modern architecture and the word’s first Einstein Museum. The City of the Bear with its new Bear Park is the ideal base to discover the whole of Switzerland. All those beautiful places that seem to beckon from a distance are accessible as pleasant journeys. Bern is a transport hub with perfect air, road and rail links.
You will see less pics of what I was wearing and more of what I have seen 😉
 Unfortunately the whether was rainy and pictures are dark…

Instragram photos

Comfortable travel outfit…
Patrizia Pepe Coat/ Zara Hoodie / Ralph Lauren Scarf / Zara Jeans / Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers


  1. Candice, after 3 days

    Love our coat ! Where and when did you buy it ? Thank you

  2. culevdaniela, after 3 days

    Thank you Candice ! I got it as a gift from my boyfriend, but it was in our local store with Patrizia Pepe brand 🙂 i have in my mom’s store something similar but it’s black and a bit shorter 🙂 if u would like to see it, just let me know 🙂

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