Manhattan Pieces


Hey guys! Today’s post it’s not related neither to the weather nor too much on the mix of clothes. I received this pictures a few weeks ago and I couldn’t decide when to post them! The photos were taken back in summer during my stay in New York. It was a very fast photoshoot and in the same time a funny one :)) I was asking all the time the girl who was taking the photos: ”How do I stand?” , ”What should I do?”, ”I look boring!” and so on :))) She was laughing at me all the time, because she never thought that I can be so critical of me :)))The pictures were taken in the place I stayed back in New York and the view is absolutely spectacular, both day and night there’s a marvelous view. I wish everybody could see it!
Now about the outfit:
Both pieces of clothing are my own design, if you look it’s nothing special, but when you touch them you feel that the fabric texture is simply amazing. The blouse it’s from chiffon and it’s kind of transparent, but I think if you try to cover the skin with something else then dress this blouse it will lose its charm…and the skirt, it’s pure silk! It’s so soft, I adore it! There are lots of skirts like this kind, but I think that if it’s made from the wrong fabric then it’s already wrong to wear it!
To be continued! DSC_0299







Was wearing :
Top – my own design
Skirt – my own design
Shoes – Casadei


  1. Ann, after 51 mins

    Wooow, Daniela, esti senzualitatea intruchipata!! Fusta imi place enoorm, de pantofi tac :))

  2. culevdaniela, after 4 hours

    Multumesc frumos frumos! Apreciez 🙂 :***

  3. Andreea, after 2 hours

    Deci ce sa zic…ador creatiile tale! Cand apare colectia? 🙂

  4. culevdaniela, after 4 hours

    Multumeasc frumos! F.placut! Colectia o sa apara la inceputul primaverii! Neaparat o sa anunt 🙂 si o sa fii binevenita 🙂

  5. Carina, after 2 months

    Pozele nu sunt deloc boring, sunt feminine interesante si senzuale)) apropo de unde e colectia cerceiilor, vad ca ai mai multe de asa gen, sunt ff neobishnuite?

  6. culevdaniela, after 2 months

    Multumesc frumos Carina! Apreciez 🙂
    Colectia cerceilor am facut-o eu, de fapt am ales partea principala a cerceilor adica pietrele si le-am combinat deja cu incheietoarea..:) daca iti doresti asa ceva mai am de vinzare citeva in stock 🙂

  7. Carina, after 2 months

    Merci pentru raspuns. Unde as putea sa vad cerceii? Si la ce pret sunt?

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