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Although it was rainy and kind of cold outside, we were very lucky to attend Oktoberfest in sunny weather, as you will see in today’s post.
But what I observed in Munchen and what I really liked is that it is so cheerful and the city has such an air of prosperity and comfort, it is simply beyond all words.
No one seems to be poor; everyone seems to be healthy and happy! The outdoor life is the principal feature and during the weekend all the people are out.

Nothing compares to having a delicious breakfast or even dinner in Munchen
Our friend Nicu, guided us to the best NeuHausen Café where you can serve breakfast – that was something guys! The food is so tempting that it is able to make all the nutritionists cry)).
You just keep eating and it gives you the impression that you can not stop eating, it is that delicious.

I’ll write some interesting things about Muchen, hope it will be helpful : 

About architecture – Splendid neo-baroque buildings stand in the shadows of futuristic glass and steel constructions. For an excellent view of the city, climb to the top of Alter Peter (St. Peter), affectionately known by locals as “Alter Peter,” or “Old Peter.”
Visitors can admire the regal magnificence of 19th-century Munich on Ludwigstraße, home of the universityand numerous Bavarian government ministries, while the ultra-modern, high-tech city is clearly visible in the area behind the Siegestor. Leopoldstraße, lined with cinemas, bars, restaurants and shops, is the place to see and be seen. The splendid art nouveau buildings in many of the side streets are a mecca for architecture lovers and a feast for the eye. The alternative and revolutionary atmosphere can still be felt in the area around Münchener Freiheit; and if you fancy visiting a museum, then look no further—this is where the majority of Munich’s museums is located. 

About culinary specialities – The Weißwurst (‘white sausage’) is a Munich speciality. Traditionally eaten only before 12:00 noon – a tradition dating to a time before refrigerators – these morsels are often served with sweet mustard and freshly baked pretzelsLeberkäs, Bavarian baked sausage loaf, often served with potato salad, is another delicacy of the region.The most famous soup might be the Leberknödel Soup.  Leberknödel is a bread dumpling seasoned with liver and onions.  Schweinsbraten (pot roasted pork) with Knödel (dumplings made from potatoes or white bread) and Kraut (cabbage) or a Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) are served as lunch or dinner. Beuscherl, a plate of lung, heart and spleen is also served with dumplings. Popular as dessert is the Apfelstrudel (apple) strudel with vanilla sauce, the Millirahmstrudel a cream cheese strudel, Dampfnudeln (yeast dumplings served with custard) or Auszogene, a fried pastry shaped like a large donut but without a hole. And there is also the famous Prinzregententorte created in honour of the prince regent Luitpold.

About universities and studying – Munich is a leading location for science and research with a long list of Nobel Prize laureates from Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1901 to Theodor Hänsch in 2005. Munich has become a spiritual centre already since the times of Emperor Louis IV when philosophers like Michael of CesenaMarsilius of Padua and William of Ockham were protected at the emperor’s court. The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) and the Technische Universität München (TU or TUM), were two of the first three German universities to be awarded the title elite university by a selection committee composed of academics and members of the Ministries of Education and Research of the Federation and the German states.

Sorry about these fast pictures, outside was very cold and rainy 🙁
Thanks for reading and stay tune for next post from Switzerland 🙂 

Have a lucky day my cute readers !

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