NY Fashion Week Day 4


Good morning! Good afternoon! Good Evening!
Well, it depends when you are reading this :)))
In the fourth day of the Fashion Week I went to see two shows, both of them quite interesting and in the same time different! The first one was Jeremy Laing, I had a great time, most of all cause I was sitting in the first row so I was able to see all the outfits closer to me. The second show was Vivien Tam, the atmosphere and the red lights made it feel different from the other shows! You can see it from the pictures posted bellow.
About the outfit: Pink & Purple, colors of the day :)))
This Marc Jacobs pink jacket I ordered it online, when it came and I saw it, actually it was more sparkling than I thought!
Though I didn’t like it in the beginning now it’s one of my favorites. The velvet sandals by Tom Ford are simply lovely and comfortable. Got a feeling that I need to find them in black too, to be able to wear them with more kinds of clothes, cause black goes well almost with everything.
I thought that this little hat in feathers will complete the outfit so I tried it on and I didn’t want to take it off cause it looked just perfect with the whole look.
What do you think ? IMG_0529


IMG_0524 Eleonora Carisi  from JouJouVilleroy



IMG_0584 Vlasta Guryeva – owner & creative director at Sofie Goes To Moscow

Captură de ecran 2013-02-11 la 22.30.43

Thank you Vlasta for posting my shoes on the first page ! Such a pleasure! 🙂
Now about the shows I’ve been to :
Jeremy Laing
Short description : Languid layers and a muted palette for the girl determined to make an understatement. Color-Blocking, layers, prints-patterns, urban, voluminous ! 
poză 1 poză 2 poză 4 Vivien Tam :
President Obama, punk, pop culture, military, bar codes, and Chairman Mao. That’s a pretty complete laundry list of the varying concepts that influenced Vivienne Tam‘s latest collection.President Obama sporting sunglasses. Regardless of Tam’s intentions for those novelty looks, they served as a reminder that fashion and politics don’t generally mix :)))). The show commanded attention in a way that was creative and culturally aware, without sacrificing a bit of glamour from the bold but very wearable collection! 
poză 21 poză 22 poză 32 poză 42 Enjoy your day, afternoon or evening! Muah! :)))


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