Organza Easiness


Organza fabric was love at first sight. I loved it because it aroused a feeling of self-confidence and I thought it is very straightforward . This shirt feels like paper when you touch it, and it is also one of my favorite shirts. These black cuffs are fascinating as they draw your attention. Being found of studs, I think that these loafers from Cristian Louboutin were a great combination to this outfit. As I see it, they can give you a rough impression at first, but they are feminine at the same time.

The earrings are from natural agate. I found them in one of the many stores of DIY stuff. If you follow my blog, you will see different shapes and colors in my upcoming posts and if you are interested, I brought with me a few models. More details will be posted on my Facebook page. Wish you a beautiful day and a great beginning of the With Love Daniela!

Was wearing :

All Saints Shirt / Zara Skirt / Christian Louboutin Loafers/ Natural Agate Earings


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