Palms Fever

Palms, Sun, Wildlife and a Casual look!

Say goodbye Summer and prepare for the cold season 🙁
For this simple look , with a great print that emphasizes the beautiful silhouette, I matched a crop top, shorts with the same print and gladiator sandals.
If you didn’t know  where from  crop tops came, I tell you, in 1983, pop star Madonna caused controversy wearing a mesh crop top in her video for the song Lucky Star. Also during that decade, cutoff crop tops became more common as part of the aerobic craze and popularity of the movie Flashdance.
Also, this look wouldn’t be finished without accessories like vintage straw hat, vintage sunglasses and of course Chanel Vintage earrings :))
In today’s post you can see my tattoo which I made  couple of months ago, the sign of Cross, it might look usual and very popular but my cross has some hidden signs inside  and of course, it’s just my imagination and the way I see it..
What are your thoughts about it?
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IMG_1766-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1861-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1883-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1819-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1830-as-Smart-Object-1
IMG_1938-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1872-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1898-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1925-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1967-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1854-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1976-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1880-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1946-as-Smart-Object-1 Was wearing :
Top & Shorts – Line & Dot
Sunglasses – Vintage
Earrings – Vintage Chanel
Bracelet – Hermes
Sandals – Tibi


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