Paris Je T’aime

photo 12 - copie I think there is not one single person on this Earth who is not in love with Paris. If so, they’re all liars
The streets, the lights, the style; the boulangeries, the good food and classy people everywhere; the shops, the fashionweek, the artsy neighbourhoods – Le Marais, and the love-is-in-the-air state of mind – are simply fascinating!
I’ve been visiting the City of Light this February not only for fun but also for work and inspiration, when at the international fabrics and textiles fair.
Happy news – busy bee me is working at the upcoming Flavour Atelier collection, more excited than ever. But that will soon be revealed.
Until then, let me brag a little about my super sunnies, designed by the Russian brand WoodSun of which I am very fond, and the leather bomber jacket from Tod’s. I’ve been dreaming a lot about this kind of bomber and it is very hard to find. Also the Parisian sun helped a lot.
Compared to the New York icy weather, Paris has offered me the opportunity to be mixing those two with one intricately cut piece of The Flavour Atelier neoprene skirt, Prada cardigan and open toe sandals, and the timeless Hermes bag which is simply a dream bag.
Enough said. Stay tuned for more delicious news and don’t forget to always look ravishing!
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photo 13 photo 1 photo 11 photo 7 photo 9 photo 3 photo 10 photo 6 photo 4 photo 8 photo 5 photo 2 Was wearing:
Jacket – Tod’s
Cardigan – Prada
Skirt – The Flavour Atelier 
Bag- Hermes
Shoes – Prada
Sunglasses – Woodsun 
Scarf – Ralph Lauren


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