Pretty Pink

photo 6 Isn’t spring the best season? I’ve been forever in love with it, ever since I was a little girl. It’s like happily waking up from a long cold dream, on a warm sunny day.
But what do you dream of when it’s still cold outside? Where does your mind travel when your feet walk in the snow? Maybe in the beautiful Austrian sight next to the Aqua Dome…
I know mine were pretty happy in the Penelope Chilvers, handcrafted shoes. Mainly because they, the shoes I mean, were inspired by Santa’s helpers – so very cute.
Oh, and also because of the Flavour Atelier wool pants, which are so comfy and nice, although they got easily mixed with the snowy situation outside.
I also like pink. It draws a smile on my face and it makes me feel young and happy.
It’s ok to be a little abusive with it every now and then, and use it ton sur ton, like I did with the jacket and the shoulder bag. Or… just let your imagination run free!
Don’t fight the weather, embrace it and remember to always look ravishing!
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Was wearing :
Down Jacket – Fay
Knitted Pants – The Flavour Atelier
Bag – Hermes
Shoes – Penelope Chilvers 
Sunglasses – Dior


  1. Karen Farber, after 1 month

    Love that pink jacket! It’s so hot in California right now, which is great, but I do wish I could have seen snow this winter!

    Love your blog, just came across it!

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