pure happiness

Lately, after pregnancy, I had a lack of imagination for styling.
I was thinking only on wearing comfortable clothing for breastfeeding and wanting to wear only t-shirts or comfortable tops for that.
Not only breastfeeding but also during the day, I was supposed to wear everything super easy to easily move with Marius and be as comfortable as I could.
This made me think that I will be wearing this kind of clothes forever and forget about styling, which made me feel  kind of sad, cause I always liked to mix & match with the items I had in my wardrobe and always wanted to do it…
So day by day I started to focus on what is missing and what I need to do to get back my imagination and my inspiration, and I kind of realized that I need to work more on my blog and need to create more content, only this will make me do new outfits and be different each day as I always loved.
So in nowadays, this is happening with me each day, I try to work more and improve my skills on the content which I create, and moreover what make me happy , that I start to love it again,
to move forward and never stop.
This is what I encourage to each of you! Never stop, never stop dreaming and make it happen and WORK WORK WORK if this brings you happiness!


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