Ripped Jeans

Post Video as always made by my dear Otalia 

Hi guys! I hope you had a good week! So today is a ripped, boyish jeans kinda day. Didn’t have too much time to dress up so I chose these clothing pieces very fast. As I adore ripped jeans, I’m glad that I found this ones on sale in a store as I was walking with my boyfriend.
I’m like the most versatile person you will ever meet. Especially when it comes to clothes. If you were to ask me what is my type of style, I would say ”I have absolutely no type of style”. I simply wear what I’m in the mood for :)))! 

Collars! are one of my weaknesses, they remind me of school uniform and good girls :)))) I don’t wear collars just because to look like a ”good girl” but everytime I wear them it reminds me of how all the girls from school were supposed to wear them just because it was a part from the uniform :)))!

The black studded flats are the most pronounced part of the outfit, just because they are from a totally different category from the rest of the outfit. Mixing clothes is always fun! Feel free to mix them not only because of the color or form, do it with your fantasy!
Have a great end of the week ! Muah

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

photo 6

photo 3

Was wearing :
Mango Jeans
Zara Jumper
Patrizia Pepe Coat
Mango Shirt
Sam Endelman Flats
Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses


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