What can I say guys, this is one of the best movies I have seen for some months now.

Kind of sexy movie but the same time disgusting –  I know, I know it sounds weird! But that’s the truth .

Free world till somebody’s watching you!

Lovely words till somebody shuts your mouth!

Good business  till you can’t live without it !

One of the nice twists is that the three American pot growers live together in a menage-a-trois. Lively sleeps with both men ( and they are both hot )  , and fairly often they all sleep together.

Not only did I find this sexy (the sex scenes are directed exceptionally well) mmmm, you need to see that !

I also found it interesting on a number of levels. First, it helped the story. For the movie to work emotionally, there must be an unusual bond between the three characters.

They can’t just be friends. Both males need to be deeply connected to the woman. But they must also have an unusual bond with each other and this is what makes it special.

P.S. Watch it with your boyfriend/ girfriend !  If not, find somebody who can sleep with you….1.because it’s somehow scary !      2. it’s because … you know what i mean ;)))))

Give me a feedback with some of your thoughts when you finish to watch it !

Have a good evening bunnies 😉


  1. Alina Diaconu, after 22 mins

    Where did you saw the movie? 🙂

  2. culevdaniela, after 24 mins

    Saw it in America, maybe you can see it online? you need to watch it, definitely in english 🙂

  3. Alina Diaconu, after 30 mins

    Oh yeah , I want to see this movie for a while now 😉 humm , think it’s not online yet

  4. culevdaniela, after 2 days


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