Shopping List for Coats & Jackets

I recommend wearing the oversized coat under something super sexy and form-fitting. The juxtaposition of removing this large covering and then seeing something ravishing underneath might just do the trick…but for now, I’m earnestly staying on the other side of this BIG fence!

There is a shopping list which I’d like to share and make it available for you guys. Most of these clothing pieces are available on the internet from different websites where I usually buy clothes.

I’ll start with coats and continue with different types of clothes. If you are interested, just follow my next posts.

And if you have any questions about how to order or any other info concerning these posts, I will do the best I can to help you and answer to your questions! 🙂:)


Because it ‘s getting colder each day, coats are a must for this autumn and beginning of the winter :

Buy it here – Neoprene Coat

Buy it here – Formal Coat In Brushed Wool

Buy it here – Studded Shoulder Coat

Buy it here – Levi’s Wrap Parka

Buy it here – Wool Mix Parka

Buy it here -

Buy it here – Double Layer Coat


Buy it here – French Connection Bow Tie Wool Mix Coat

Buy it here – The Enchanting Illustrator Coat

Buy it here – Hi-Shine Hem Zip Coat

Buy it here – Studded Collar Mac with PU Sleeves

Buy it here – Nylon Blocked Parka

Buy it here – Parka with Contrast PU Sleeves

Buy it here – Leather Biker Jacket With Silver Studs


Buy it here – VANESSA BRUNO Double-breasted cotton-blend coat

See it here – Pale Blue Mantel

Feel free to contact me if you need more information about these coats or other styles!

Stay tuned, shopping list will continue !

Stay cool today 😉


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