Silky Blue

Greetings from home! It’s always good to be here, in Moldova, even if that means a lot of work, while the tempting Spring is knocking at the door and the sun pampers your face.
I must admit I am quite proud of today’s outfit and I want to share that with you. I’ve been working hard at this new prototipe and I think I did a very good job.I’m always seeking for that perfect balance between classy and sporty – this is one of my favourite combinations regarding looks and clothing – so I did that with The Flavour Atelier personalized bomber jacket.
Its super silkiness has a great visual impact when contrasting the sporty shape and the entire elegant look.
If you’re as in love with it as I am and plan to get it as soon as possible let me give you some tips on how to wear it:
Combine it with a nice Hermes scarf – or any floral full printed silk scarf, a pair of Hermes boots – or some elegant army inspired boots, Asos top and favourite Louis Vuitton shades.
There you go – the perfect outfit for a changing April weather.
Aren’t I missing something? Oh yes, my all time favourite handbag: the amazing purple M2Malletier.
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Photos by Vadim Putregai

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Was wearing:
Bomber Jacket – The Flavour Atelier 
T-shirt – Asos
Pants – A Detacher
hoes – Hermes
Silk Scarf – Hermes
Bag – M2Malletier 
Sunglasses – Louis Vuitton


  1. Katharina, after 1 day

    Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing!
    love, Kat

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