Tender Moments

photo 1

Let the Whiteness begin! There’s so much snow already, that is beginning to look like winter.
I think you noticed that in my latest posts I avoided the outdoor pictures just because is freezing and it’s so damn uncomfortable :))))
Ok, so today’s outfit is more than simple!
A chair, some vintage earrings and a white dress with jeweled buttons which looks like shirt-dress actually!
I like the simpleness. Sometimes till finding the right accessories you get messed up, so why not doing it in reverse? Choose your outfit based on your accessories. I believe that’s a good why to combine or mix your outfits.
How about you? Ho do you do it?
Have a fantastic end of the week, full of snow and sparkling snowflakes at your window!

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5 photo 2

Was wearing :
Dress – J.Crew (similar)
Vintage Earrings – Chanel (similar)


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