The Blue Marine Beret

When traveling to Paris, a must-have in your baggage is The Beret. Wearing it, gives you the feeling that you are one of them, just because you have this little hat on your head. I totally couldn’t go to the Paris Fashion Week without wearing something parisian. I bought the little fur on the back from a DIY (do it yourself) store when I was in New York. I was lucky that I found such a bright color. At first I wasn’t sure with what I could accessorize it but then it came to me that it will look great on the back of a beret. When you see something nice that will take your eyes away then you should totally buy it, you never know when you might use it for something really useful.
Something about the history of the Beret:
The beret is part of the long-standing stereotype of the intellectual, film director, artist, “hipsters”, poet, bohemians and beatniks. In America and Britain, the middle of the twentieth century saw an explosion of berets in women’s fashion. In the later part of the twentieth century, the beret was adopted by the Chinese both as a fashion statement and for its political undertones!
The beret fits snugly around the head, and can be “shaped” in a variety of ways – in the Americas it is commonly worn pushed to one side. In Central and South America, local custom usually prescribes the manner of wearing the beret; there is no universal rule and older gentlemen usually wear it squared on the head, jutting forward. It can be worn by both men and women. Archaeology and art history indicate that headgear similar to the modern beret has been worn since the Bronze Age across northern Europe and as far south as ancient Crete and Italy, where it was worn by the Minoans, Romans and Etruscans. Such headgear has been popular among the nobility and artists across Europe throughout modern history.
Military berets were first adopted by the French Chasseurs Alpins in 1889. After seeing these during World War I, British General Hugh Elles proposed the beret for use by the newly-formed Royal Tank Regiment, which needed headgear that would stay on while climbing in and out of the small hatches of tanks. They were approved for use by King George V in 1924.

DSC_1448 DSC_1459 DSC_1443 Was wearing :
Beret – American Apparel
Coat – Massimo Dutti
Skirt – My own design
Shoes – Casadei


  1. Ana, after 10 hours

    Wooow so parisian and soooo chic! Esti mereu o sursa de inspiratie pru mine, look-urile tale sint diferite fata de ale celorlalte blogerite. Sint fresh, inspira si nu sint plictisitoare deloc! Thank you!

  2. culevdaniela, after 10 hours

    Tie iti multumesc frumos pentru un asa feedback placut :* Apreciez 🙂

  3. Aurelia, after 4 days

    I really really like your style…a true inspiration…and what I like the most is that you are modest and you are not snobbish like other bloggers that I’ve read before….(especially from Moldova – that’s where I was born as well)…

    Keep up the great work and I know the world will hear about you more very soon…

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