The Little Black Dress

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 The black dress really comes alive in the evening, because then the dress is becoming more fun and exciting to wear. For a dinner date, prom or a dancing night, a black dress can be strapless, sequined, short or with low cleavage – all within each lady’s taste. Accessories and bits of color can be added if needed so that the black dress can be worn at work  and after it can be upgraded to an evening look.
I would like to give you a link just for your general intellect ! Hope you will like it 😉 Don’t hesitate to read it !

A black dress is a great piece for any lady to have in her wardrobe. A woman in a black dress who wears her outfit elegantly with the right accessories will be always admired. As stylists proclaim to the world that every woman needs her little black dress, ladies should wear their dresses proudly whether it is to a funeral, to work or for a night out with family and friends.

Did you know that black is not a color?! It is the absence of all colors. When people speak of opposites, it is usually in terms of black and white. Black, and its opposite white, represent polarities. Black absorbs all aspects of light. While white reveals, black conceals. It has come to mean hidden, fearful or bad experience. It is linked to the unknown or the unseen!

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photo 7 Was wearing :
Dress – Emporio Armani
Shoes – Tom Ford 
Accessories – Gifts


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