Tiffany Minimalism

IMG_6772 as Smart Object-1 October it’s on the way to end soon and nothing is better than little cupcakes with jasmine tea in this cold autumn evenings. Perfect time for a story… The point from which this look started was the blue-macaron color.
This flavour dictionary of colors helps me to express better the density of each tone in particular. Also there is a note of history in all this situation – the macarons’ mission. I’ve traveled till New York to find that special macarons made on the original recipe.
There I took a shoot of this dress by Valentino. The mixt of Tiffany’s minimalism, the 60’s and Audrey Hepburn made it look as a Miss Dior Dress in it’s essence – for an independent, free spirit, young woman who lives her passions with indulgence.
Pastel appearance slowly develops the deepens of royalty into a mat black behind. This one at it’s turn complements the classiness with the Tiffany & Co bag, gold watch by Chanel and Miu Miu high heeled shoes. Letting out at last a note of sober vintage.
To finish the look take it simple and smart – put on a headband.
P.S. Macarons’ mission remains a mystery but continues with you! Share your place where you discovered the best macarons! Make it sweet…
IMG_6710 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6863 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6760 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6728 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6840 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6757 as Smart Object-1 IMG_6740 as Smart Object-1
Was wearing :
Dress – Valentino
Bag – Tiffany & Co
Shoes – Miu Miu
Watch – Chanel 


  1. Elena Sandor, after 4 weeks

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve just discovered you and I love what I’m seeing.

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