Transparent halo

5b  Hello there !  How have you been guys?
My whole month was extremely busy but at the same time fun and with a lot of positive impressions!
Through the pictures you will see my second outfit from the lovely romanian designer Andreea Badala (Murmur) !
This outfit is a mix of black drama & transparent emotions…
You can walk in this dress and feel that your body is more beautiful than with some usual clothes !
The dots on the dress make it look so magical and it gives to it an allure of a golden touch…
With the pure nude body which is inevitable, my body  felt comfortable & easy !
I will always enjoy Andreea’s work because with her dresses she can make a woman feel really attractive and graceful!
P.S.  Yesterday I changed my hair color :))
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Dress – Murmur 
Body – Murmur 
Shoes – Christian Louboutin


  1. Elvira Leahu, after 8 months


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