Traveling to winter wonderland



In december we had the chance to visit 2 winter wonderland Schonried in Switzerland and Megeve – France , we were extremely lucky to be at the right time and in the right place as only on these days the weather was so amazing,
Unfortunately I couldn’t make a lot of pictures, because traveling with the baby at this age, 10 months, it’s not so easy as it looks, but the idea is not really about that, it’s just that when they don’t really walk already or eat all they can, you have like double trouble :)))).
Actually for me is not a problem, but as I was writing before, from the point of view, by capturing way more moments with snow, landscapes, mountains, you end up with things, like thinking was your baby will eat or how we will get asleep to have a full nap, cause when they sleep good, everything is great around :)))))) I think parents know what I am talking about.
And also he was excited about snow, but I suppose next year he will get more excited!
For now he was excited about the SPA and hotel’s swimming pool :)))
Hope you will like captured moments, and next time I will make better a Vlog :)))))
Have an amazing WInter !

Was wearing :
Cashmere  Jacket – Loro Piana
Knitted Pants – Theory
Shearing sneakers – Hermes
Hat yellow – Tak Ori (similar)


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