Venezia & Italian Riviera

Buongiorno everybody!
My trip to Italy was very short, but full of emotions and funny moments 😀
We started with Venezia, as from Munich is not so far and stopped there for a night, kind of  hard for us to leave our car even for  a night :)))) as I always put a lot of stuff which literally I might never ever need them but at least I know they are not far from me, for example, an eye cream or some sunglasses :)))
Let’s better talk a little bit about The Floating City – Venice !

Pastel colours and fine materials always give to your look a touch of delicacy, that’s why I chose this Valentino lace dress for a short walk around Venice. I usually like to mix same textile items for different cloth pieces, as I did with my espadrilles that are from the same fabric as my dress. Let me tell you that sometimes you don’t need necessarily those high heels to make a look more elegant or chic, you can simply find the right items to combine with your upper part.
For some contrast I picked the mirrored Ray Ban sunglasses which come in a green/yellow colour.
And yeah, accessories are always welcome!
collage venice
IMG_2437 IMG_2357 IMG_2412 Couple of tips what to do in Venice FullSizeRender
1.  Gondolieres
Guys, dressed in the traditional Venetian clothes, can be seen all over the place, especially in the most crowded areas of Venice. But if the season is good and the city of Venice is overcrowded by the tourists, you wont see them too much.
Usually the price for a ride, according to the agreement between the city authorities and gondolieres, should cost you 60-65 euros, however, most of the gondolieres ask around 80-100 euros. Keep it in mind they would like to fool around :))
461c4295d1f86a474479b31751f86d4c 2. The public transportation on the water buses in the center of Venice is generally very good (, though sometimes quite crowded, and even then it only reaches the areas around the outside of the two major land masses and the areas lining the Grand Canal. Anyplace else you want to reach, you need to walk, a LOT :))
3. Map
A free Venice map may be given out along with the transport ticket pass at the airport (in case you don’t have internet connection to use map on the phone) . A map is essential. Everywhere else, they seem to charge for the map, including the tourist office. Many hotels will have free copies of Venice street maps available at their reception!
4. Stay in a historic hotel
As if Venice wasn’t enough of a fairytale, it’s crammed full of gorgeous historic hotels. Rickety, grand, centuries-old hotels with original features, often hidden away along the winding maze of streets – some accessible only by water taxi. There’s a time and a place to stay in a new-build hotel and an impending trip to Venice ain’t that time and it ain’t that place. If you can’t bear to scrimp on style, Palazzina G is a fabulous five-star on the Grand Canal that conceals chic Philippe Starck-designed interiors behind a 16th century facade. Itching for antiques? Try the Al Ponte Antico HotelHotel Palazzo Stern or Hotel Ai Reali(pictured below) for gilding, elaborate wall coverings and knock-out views.
5 .See a concert
When visiting one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, there are few things better than gussying up in your fanciest frock and taking in a classical concert before strolling back to your hotel under the glow of the moonlight. The settings and costumes are quite spectacular – Teatro La Fenice opera house is breathtaking and probably the most famous, but there are plenty of smaller and less expensive venues to choose from. Even if opera isn’t usually your ‘thing’, a concert in Venice is an unforgettable experience to tick off the old bucket list.
FullSizeRender 2
Our next stop was Italian Riviera, a place with old fashioned houses, beaches  & beautiful unreacheble places over the coasts!
Top 5 places to go

  1. WALKING THE CINQUE TERRE Hike the famous Cinque Terre trails past gravity-defying vineyards, rock-perched villages, and the deep blue sea.
  2. PORTOFINO See the world through rose-tinted sunglasses at this glamorous little harbor village.
  3. GENOA’S HISTORICAL CENTER AND PORT From the palaces of Via Garibaldi to the labyrinthine backstreets of the old city to the world-class aquarium, the city is full of surprising delights.
  4. GIARDINI BOTANICI HANBURY A spectacular natural setting harbors one of Italy’s largest, most exotic botanical gardens.
  5. PESTO The basil-rich sauce was invented in Liguria, and it’s never been equaled elsewhere.

IMG_4073 We stopped in Santa Maria Ligure, which is a fair-sized town; large enough not to seem smothered by the tourism which has been an integral part of the town’s existence for decades. The harbour mainly caters for smart yachts, but the town is also home to a small fishing fleet which can be seen unloading opposite the businesslike morning fishmarket. There are wide ranges of hotels and restaurants, and a selection of good daytrips to make if you get tired of pottering along the laidback seafront.
We thought would be nice to spend weekend near the sea and rent a boat to experience a bit of boat sailing, of course not a big one, cause for that one you need license, but for a day is good enough!
At the begging we thought it will be easy, but guys be sure this is very hard, at least if there is boat traffic around you :)))
It will throw you on the left and right as hell 😀 but this is until you get near a quite place and until you get used how to use anchor!
IMG_2527 IMG_4090
IMG_2498 IMG_4072
IMG_2476 IMG_2453 IMG_2544 IMG_4091 IMG_2517 IMG_2457  Finito with first part 😀
The second one will come very soon!
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Was wearing :
Dress – Valentino (similar)
Espadrilles – Valentino 
Bag – Hermes
Sunglasses – Rayban
Hat – Hermes
Swimsuit – Lisa Marie Fernadez 
Sandals – Dolce & Gabbana 
Sunglasses – Fendi


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