Warm Feelings


While outside it’s getting colder in my heart it’s getting warmer !… I sense that love and happiness surrounds me slowly and I thank God for all delightful moments I receive every day!

I’ve decided to call this post “Warm Feelings” based on my previous pictures taken one month ago. At that time I couldn’t find the right words but now I do.

This skirt was designed by me but sewed by a professional…I believe it’s a great design and it’s VERY nice to wear :))

I WISH I could do all my clothes by myself…but in order to do it, you need time and specific equipment. Nevertheless, I feel confident that one day I will have the time and equipment to follow my passion. I just loved the unique feeling “when you see your final product created”, it makes you better and prouder and the feeling becomes unforgettable.

I also believe, bow-pumps were a close match up for this outfit, I could barely find them in my closet but the combination was perfect. So – Voila!! :)))

So, don’t forget, when it gets colder outside, just visit my blog and warm yourself with colorful pictures and new fashion…

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments at any time and if you prefer to see something specific do let me know!

Most importantly… stay safe!!!

Was wearing :

Zara Top

Skirt – my own design

Shoes – Miu miu ( find them here : Sale )

Agate Earings


  1. Cătălina, after 1 hour

    te reprezinta foarte mult denumirea blogului ! keep on !

  2. culevdaniela, after 3 hours

    Multumesc foarte frumos ^_^

  3. karylivaroy, after 6 hours

    awww,așa imagini calde. Daniela, bravo mai ești! Succese în continuare :*

  4. culevdaniela, after 7 hours

    Ahh multumesc mult :* placuttt 🙂

  5. Ana, after 2 days

    Esti foarte frumoasa :)))

  6. culevdaniela, after 2 days

    Multumesc frumos :***

  7. a-m, after 4 days

    atit de armonioasa si romantica e tinuta asta! a la Carrie Bradshow un pic, numai ca mai mult zimbet!

  8. culevdaniela, after 4 days

    Ce frumos spussss! Iti multumesc frumos 🙂

  9. Anush, after 6 months

    Dear Daniela, I adore your style :** I’m looking for this top.. Could you tell me where i can find it. I didn’t notice it in Zara’s current collection.. :**

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