Weekend walk

photo 6Hey guys! Are you enjoying this warm weather?
Isn’t it easy to breathe this spring air?! Especially in a weekend walk with your friends?
Ripped jeans, sneakers and a denim sleeveless jacket is absolutely what I could wear for some long walks, spending some free time surrounded by nature and care less about the daily moves !
I do recognize that this is a very often way in which I am dressing day by day, let’s call it a boyish style, but sincerely this is so comfortable that my body thanks me and the end of the day for not hurting my legs with some 12 cm heels :))))
It’s not necessary to have a boyish style and a boyish attitude inside, NO!
Every woman or girl must dress the way she wants but dream about pink and sweet stuff, so don’t have a wrong impression or jugde someone by his style! Everybody has its own way of dressing himself!
Hope you got my point correctly 😀
Enjoy the rest of the week and moreover the long expected weekend !
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Was wearing : 
Denim Vest – Monki 
T-shirt – Givenchy 
Jeans – Rag & Bone 
Backpack – Louis Vuitton 
Sneakers – Nike  (more options)

Sunglasses – Dior



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