Cote d’azur – Nice


France, the heart of good wine and food, heads my list of the best countries I have visited so far. It’s a country with diverse cities, landscapes and people simply enjoying their lives. 

This post shows my side trip in one of the most elegant and simplest but attractive city in south of France, Nice.

We have enjoyed our stay in the heart of the city of Nice; it’s a magnet for attracting people from all over the world, with its charm of exceptional climate as well as its beauty. We’ve drove around Côte d’Azur, a region known not only for its gorgeous scenery, but also for its sun-drenched food, ancient villages overlooking the Mediterranean sea and with its pleasant people who speak with a rustic Provencal accent which sometimes is quite hard to understand

Walking down the Promenaded des Anglais on a Wednesday morning, people were already busy and ready to get the best from the sun and the warm water still hitting the shores in a October day. The beach was already crowded with lazy but sexy sunbathers. People waiting their turn to dangle their feet in the air over the crystal blue waters.

After the amazing walk, we had lunch right on the beach, gaping at the clear and azure blue waters, having one of the best sea fish I ever eaten…

I was in dream for an hour, surrounded by seaside and a magnificent view…

This head bow is one of my favorite items in my  wardrobe.

Honestly, I have never thought I would like accessories, but surprisingly I started to love them :)) (You may notice this from my pictures)

Wish you a fanstastic day !!! Muah!

Was wearing :
Head Bow – American Apparel
Hoodie – Zara
Jeans – Asos
Shoes – Alexander Wang


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