Spanish accent

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A perfect outfit for summer!
With a long skirt, crop top and its fabric colors, it embodies a Spanish mood. I embrace this fashion trend because it gives a feeling of freedom.
Style list to the bold and beautiful, Spanish accents and Latin trends:
Color your style with paprika red, turquoise, black, purple and cilantro green.
Textures of lace, brocade, embroidery and silk flow in circular motion on skirts, dress, jackets and more.
Silhouettes are full of feminine qualities like A-line skirts with a belted waistline.
Accent any outfit with a Bolero jacket, billowy poet blouse with ruffles, beaded necklace, Sombrero cordobre, beret hat, necktie scarf and multi-colored ponch
for trendy fashion conversations in a Latin language.
Patterns and prints are of the romantic red rose, stripes and geometric accents.
And the best part of wearing this kind of outfits, is that it will always make you look feminine!

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Was wearing :
Crop Top – Etro fabric (tailored)
Skirt – Etro fabric (tailored)


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