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What better way to fight the cold weather, but with delicate, joyful prints and strong colors?

Winter has never been my season – always overlayering clothes, less sun, windy weather. So whenever I go out in the cold, I see it as a challenge. I figured going for a full purple look with a twist of print, might do it pretty well this January.

They say the shades of purple symbolize the light-hearted romantics. Very much like how I feel about myself, especially these days. It might also be weather related, since all you see and feel are the sharp claws of winter. Unless it’s snowy or Christmas, I wish winter to be shortened to a 2-week period and fill the other months with the fascinating Spring.

Since all of that is not possible I took the chance and was bold enough to combine a purple schoolgirl dress with purple oxford shoes, purple leggings, and a velvet clutch, all wrapped in a light printed coat.

The dazzling effect is guaranteed.

I never forget about my favourite statement jewelry, those small and valuable pieces, which always and no matter what, make my days more beautiful.

Remember to always look ravishing!

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photo 4 Wearing:
Dress – Juan Vidal
Coat – The Flavour Atelier
Shoes – Churchs
Bag – Benedetta Bruzziches
Rings – Diana Broussard


  1. Diana, after 1 week

    Absolutely perfect!!!
    Love it all <3

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