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Hey Guys!
On this blog post I will make you a small introduction about our trip to Rome, and will share to you places we have been and some recommendations that I received from you and wanted to share to others that will visit Rome too!
First of all, wanted to tell you that this trip was planned 2 days before we came there 🙂 and what is funny that we reserved the hotel and flights and at the end we only checked the weather and guess what, it was shown us that it’s raining :)))) Like how mother f***** we could reserve everything and not even check before that the weather :))))that was super stupid :)))
I just thought in Rome never rains, that’s why :)))) and of course at the end it never rained since we came :))
But I will never make this mistake again!
Ok, so we came, checked in at the hotel, and went out to eat something, believing that we will have some early dinner at 5-6 pm , but the luck was apart of us and we ended up starved that at 7:30 pm (where mostly of the italian restaurants are open for dinner), so we where already at the door of the restaurant, waiting to be seated as soon as possible :))), that restaurant was    La Campana ( 500 years old restaurant) ,if sincerely not really my taste, cause everything was like super homemade , but my husband really liked it.
So then , I will just write the places we have been and the one I really liked !
Terrazza Borromini – amazing panoramic view to Piazza Navona and also to Rome.
Assunta Madre – seafood dishes, great for dinner
La Rosetta  –  great one for lunch   but also dinner
We planned to go to many more, but didn’t had time
But here is what my followers recommended to me and I would love to share this too for those who will have more time or just want to try something different that we did.
1.  Trattoria Da Cesare al Casaletto
2. Otaleg – best ice cream
3. Antico Arco Restaurant
4. Mosto Wine Bar
5. Il Sanlorenzo Restaurant
6. Salumeria Roscioli Restaurant
7. Al Moro Restaurant – near Fontana di Trevi (also a must have visit)
8. Pasticeria Regoli for sweets !
9. Tempio di Iside  Restaurant
10. Camponeschi Restaurant
11. La Pergola Restaurant (with panoramic view, especially for dinner)
12. Madeleine – for sweets
13. Beef Bazaar Restaurant
14. Voodo Bar – for dinner, aperitifs and fun
15. Cuccurucu Restaurant
16. Pesceria Barberini Restaurant
17. Osteria del Cavalieri
18. Cantina e Cucina Restaurant
19. Tonarello Restaurant
20. Bar del Fico – for aperitifs
21. La romana – amazing Ice Cream
22. Flower Burger – Vegetarian Food
23. La Base ( near Colosseum )
24. Il Convivio – quite fusion food for those who prefer it

Oh and by the way there is an app Triposo – you can find it on app store or maybe on android too, don’t know exactly, but there you can also find good restaurants and places to Visit!

Must See if you are in Rome 

  •  Ancient Rome and Colosseum
  • Vatican Museums ,also  Raphael’s Rooms, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica from inside.
  • Piazza Venezia – Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Piazza di Campidoglio – exactly near Piazza Venezia
  • Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi
  • Pantheon – oldest Catholic Church
  • Roman Forum
  • Piazza Navona and Church of San Luigi dei Francesi
  • Santa Maria della Vittoria – baroque art and also featured chapel from Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” movie
  • Campo de’ Fiori – about market, pizzerias, cafes and galleries around it
  • Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)
  • Galleria Borghese – the Galleria Borghese is half-villa/half-museum, and it has some resplendent gardens too.So guys this was my short information about the places to be and visit but of course you can also google and take a look what you can visit around!
    Hope you will have an amazing stay in Rome !
    Oh and btw, this city became lately so overcrowded, of course by tourists, but as well of people who try to trade and sell something, this became a bit annoying…
    When I first came to Rome 12 years ago, this was already, and everybody was trying to trade or sell you something, from fake bags to cheap clothing or hats, but in nowadays this became like already a bit market were tourist are fooled by these traders and it’s not fun anymore…
    I know they need to earn for their lives but visiting cities like Rome with this kind of things it’s not fun anymore…
    Hope you understood me…
    See more of my Instagram the Highlights from Rome !

Inside of Vatican Museum     Met my friend and college colegue  Maricica, haven’t seen her for 7-8 years !
OMG, time flies 😀 !

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