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Hello there ! After a week, back again on the blog :))) After a short vacation, today I’m leaving Miami with the hope of returning back as soon as possible! Really enjoyed it a lot! Especially Palm Beach where you can see only amazing places full of exotic and unordinary nature! Moreover it’s full of stylish people that just relax everyday.
Didn’t expect to be so impressed by these places in which you can discover something new every time you pass them.
Palm Beach – is the easternmost town in Florida.
Was established as a resort by Henry Morrison Flagler, a founder of Standard Oil, who made the Atlantic coast barrier island accessible via his Florida East Coast Railway.
About the Worth Avenue which is simply gorgeous you need to know – A leisurely walk on the Avenue is not complete until you explore the many tropical vias and courtyards designed by Addison Mizner. There you will discover wonderful boutiques you won’t find anywhere else, with their own unique character and charm.  Having celebrated its 100-year Anniversary in 2011, Worth Avenue is now more than ever ‘the’ destination to discover all of the allure of Palm Beach in one extraordinary destination.
Who visited it will clearly understand the words I wrote.
Now about the swimsuit : Lisa Marie Fernandez is simply my favorite designer of swimwear!
Inspired by the sleek athleticism of scuba gear, LMF is a new direction for swim. The suits are crafted from a luxe version of neoprene, never before used in swim. The innovative fabric is made to perform, molding to the body whether creating curves or supporting them. The collection flatters a range of body types, pushing everything into the right place without padding or underwire. Its effect is something that has to be experienced!
The best part of all is that her swimsuits are super sexy! 
Hope you will enjoy the week ! See you soon right here !

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Was wearing :
Swimsuit – Lisa Marie Fernandez 
Sunglasses – Miu Miu 


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