Pregnancy №2

Oh wow
it’s been a while since I haven’t appear here!
Cause I’ve been again busy with life stuff, you know :)))
Kindergarden for Marius, home, a bit of traveling and all these things makes me wanna just enjoy life in real…
So for an update, just wanted to share beautiful news with you with my second pregnancy as we are soooo happy and thought I will leave these intimate pictures here, as my blog always have been a digital album for me,
and of course sharing my precious moments with you!
Second pregnancy is going well so far, for the begging I was very worried as I thought it will be hard having two kids, but then I realized with the second everything goes way much easier cause you already know the process of growing a kid,
but sometimes I am just worried how Marius will accept the new member of the family and hope he will enjoy it the most cause he really needs company and a best friend 🙂
Also with the second pregnancy my tummy looks way much bigger even though I don’t eat too much, but even if I have a fruit or vegetable snack or just normal food, I become as a balloon :)))) and my tummy looks like 10 weeks more than my real term, which is 15 weeks at the moment :))))
Now this is funny how I will look alike at 25 weeks, as a hippopotamus :))))
I will try my best not to go this far :))))))))
Also wanted to with easy pregnancy to other women/girls in the same situation and the BEST IS YET TO COME!
May your baby be blessed!
Photos by Jcphotography 
Was wearing :
Bodysuit : Ronny Kobo


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