Lovable White

IMG_4968 It seems to me that are times when the philosophy of life stops in a point we name peace. That moments of daintiness which enlighten our smile from the deep of the soul…

I rarely ask myself why I feel different when days are the same. I just make each second to fit in my colourful album of emotions because the fact of remembering them is that counts. You can easily identify them when you notice an equilibrium of temperature between your soul and the outside world. No matter if it’s raining or it’s cold, it’s something at a metaphysical level. Something that makes you feel a part of someone’s life.

I’am in Southampton, New York walking in a place near the ocean all in lovable white. I have one of my favourite  The Flavour Style Atelier, Top and Skirt design on and suddenly found the peaceful moment for my album…

P.S. Yeah I know that Miu Miu glasses and my „Dana” smile ruined the whole  tale 😀 (kidding). Enjoy the pictures..
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IMG_5016 IMG_4977 IMG_5058 IMG_5025 IMG_5078 IMG_4985 IMG_5152 IMG_5052 IMG_5098 IMG_5174

Was wearing :
Top – The Flavour Style Atelier 
Skirt – The Flavour Style Atelier
Shoes – Charlotte Olympia 
Bracelet & Ring – Apm Monaco
Sunglasses – Miu Miu 
Earrings – Hermes


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