Located in the heart of mainland Europe, close to such inspiring historical cities as Munich and Salzburg and yet sheltered by the majestic Alps, the Tegernsee holiday region simply waits to be discovered, perfect relaxation, a fantastic range of leisure activities and the discovery of a culture that is renowned in the world for its charm and warm-heartedness.

Because of the region’s certified healthly climate, most of the surrounding villages have been rated as official spa towns. Moreover, Lake Tegernsee is one of the cleanest bodies of water in all of Germany. Fed by crystal clear mountain streams and populated by various regional fish breeds – you can safely drink its waters ;))))

I didn’t want to leave this place; it was the ultimate standard of perfection. The house we lived in was so comfortable and all the interior details matched with that ideal atmosphere to that point where you don’t want to touch or change anything there. If you ever need to define the word harmony, Tegernesse is just the perfect definition for it. You can say goodbye to make up, heels and uncomfortable clothes for a few days and simply enjoy and admire nature.

If you need a vacation or simply want to relax and get away from work, I strongly recommend this place.

I hope you enjoy these pictures !

Have a peaceful sunday 🙂

Family portrait :)))


  1. Ana Irina, after 26 mins

    ca-n povesti! 🙂

  2. culevdaniela, after 9 hours

    Asa-i !!! 🙂

  3. Cori, after 4 hours

    Amazing!!!! No detail is too small :))) It simply exceeds your expectations!!!

  4. culevdaniela, after 13 hours


  5. tasteslikecoffeed, after 23 hours

    wow …chiar superb….
    I’m in love with that watch!!!!!!!!! Il vreau..

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