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IMG_3272 Hi guys!

As you’ve noticed I have been traveling for a while and now I am in the canton of Switzerland – Geneva. This special city, known as one with the most happy people convinced to me dress quite simple but yet valuable. A thing that makes me as happy as these people around is this colourful printed headband which I can bind how I wish and instantly brings me a smile. Just because – love it.

„Same color” cardigan and shorts are the key of the simpleness in this outfit taking by hand the silky, suede sandals. At the same time we should not forget that „Peace Capital” is the worldwide center of diplomacy. As rule this fact requires a little royalty in clothing. So I had the predilection for a gorgeous, mauve necklace and this undeniable royal bag designed by Benedetta Bruzziches. I don’t know very well but I think that someone stole a bed from Queen’s Elizabeth palace and made a bag. ;)))) (kidding) Benedetta is one of my favorite accessories designer and I fell in love with her creations at first sight !

How do you think, did I handle the etiquette?
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IMG_3217 IMG_3266 IMG_3247 IMG_3205 IMG_3290 IMG_3242 IMG_3252 IMG_3233 Was wearing:
Cardigan – Anna Sui (similar)
Shorts – Anna Sui (similar)
Sandals – Hermes (similar)
Bag – Benedetta Bruzziches (similar)
Scarf  – Hermes
Sunglasses – Miu Miu
Necklace – Ek Thongprasert (similar)


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