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Eco for today – ecologically friendly which means : not damaging to the natural environment!
Why? Because this outfit is whole Eco from natural fibers and natural materials for accessories!
The dress was made in our Flavour Style Atelier on my own design! For sure it’s the lightest dress we ever made and it’s absolutely for daily basis!
P.S. These lovely earrings are made from wood by Eco Jewelry !

Now some tips about some interesting facts that will make your world spin!

Did you know?

  • The garbage in a landfill stays for a for about 30 years.
  • In 1995 over 200 of the world landfills were full.
  • Each person throws away approximately four pounds of garbage every day.
  • One bus carries as many people as 40 cars!
  • More than 1/3 of all energy is used by people at home
  • Most families throw away about 88 pounds of plastic every year
  • We each use about 12,000 gallons of water every year
  • 1/3 of all water is used to flush the toilet.
  • The 500 million automobiles on earth burn an average of 2 gallons of fuel a day.
  • Each gallon of fuel releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.
  • Approximately 5 million tons of oil produced in the world each ear ends up in the ocean.
  • The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a traditional light bulb for four hours
  • For every 2000 pounds of paper (1 ton) recycled, we save 7,000 gallons of water free from chemicals.
  • Recycled paper requires 64% less energy than making paper from virgin wood pulp, and can save many trees
  • Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees
  • The amount of wood and paper we throw away is enough to heat 50 million homes for 20 years
  • Earth is 2/3 water. but all the fresh water streams only represent one hundredth of one percent.
  • 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean every year
  • It takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminum cans than to make new ones
  • 5 billion aluminum cans are used each year
  • 84 percent of all household waste can be recycled.
  • Computers pose an environmental threat because much of the material that makes them up is hazardous. A typical monitor contains 4-5 pounds of lead.
  • Each year billions of used batteries are thrown away in the United States. This constitutes 88% of the mercury and 54% of the cadmium deposited into our landfillsDid you knew about this damaging facts?
    I really hope you read these phrases and had a minute to think about it !

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photo 4 Was wearing :
Dress – My own design (Flavour Style Atelier) 
Shoes – Topshop
Cuff – Mango



  1. Doina Popov, after 2 days

    Atâta finețe într-un singur look! Frumoasă creație!

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