Flared Jeans

IMG_5851 Hi guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts! I left blogging for a while cause I had to prepare for The Flavour Atelier Collection!
Soon I will post the Lookbook, hope you will like it! 
Fashion tendencies of the past always come back and get a new life after a while.
That’s the case of flared jeans, classics, staying fashionable for a long time and perfectly adopted to the present trends. Any piece of clothing in trend in the past can be reinvented and successfully adopted to the present. Don’t hesitate to mix and match vintage pieces with colorful elements and various forms and shapes. An interesting example could be the silk scarf  in this look. Besides the traditional ways to wear it, one could wrap the scarf, combine with a variety of accessories in plenty of ways.

You may be interested to know that blue jeans first appeared in the city of Genoa (Italy) and Nimes (France). The denim cloth was produced in Italy then and sold in Genoa port, to the sailors, as it was a very strong fabric. The most important difference between the denim and the blue jeans is that denim is woven from a blue thread and a white one, whereas the jeans is made from two threads of the same colour. You may know that the “parents” of the modern jeans were Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, on May 20 they 1873 patented their product and thus this day is considered to be the official birthday if jeans.

So, the blue jeans became a real must -have in any closet and can be mixed and matched in so many ways! Just Rock it!

IMG_5808 IMG_5792-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5843 IMG_5800-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5768-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5837-as-Smart-Object-1
IMG_5863-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5885-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5866 IMG_5893-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5772-as-Smart-Object-1 Was wearing :
Shirt – Jil Sander
Jeans – Rag & Bone (similar)
Silk Scarf – Hermes
Shoes – Gianvito Rossi


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